Botest Systems is a technology company founded in 2001. Since October 2009 it is a member of the Asys group. Botest Systems is located near the river Main close to Würzburg, Germany. The company is active in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of test and inspection systems for various high-tech industries and collaborates closely with leading research institutions in Germany and Europe.


  • Which parameters determine the lifetime of organic semiconductor components?
  • Which are the user requirements for OLEDs?
  • How can a more generally defined lifetime be measured?
  • Can the lifetime of organic semiconductor devices be forecast by simple analyses?
  • How can device aging be determined qualitatively and quantitatively?
  • How can the efficiency under operation of the organic material be analyzed?
  • How can defects in different applications of organic semiconductors be visualized?
  • How can the root cause of device defects be simply analyzed?
  • How can the quality of an encapsulation be studied?


The Botest team consists of engineers and scientists in the fields of electronics, information technology, and mechanical engineering as well as of experts in applied physical chemistry and OLED development.

By close cooperations in the different fields of the application of organic semiconductors Botest can fulfill any special customer requirements in the fields of science and research as well as development and production.