Kreuzwertheim, Germany / Seoul, Korea
September, 2006

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Botest Systems and Jung Won Corporation sign distributor agreement for Organic Semiconductor Test Equipment

Botest Systems GmbH and Jung Won Corporation (JWC) have signed an exclusive distributor agreement for Korea. The agreement covers Botests OLED lifetime test system and Botests photoelectric test system.

Botests advanced OLED lifetime test system OLT monitors color and temperature in addition to the standard parameters luminance, current, and voltage. The OLT thus not only monitors luminance decrease, but also provides valuable information on OLED color stability over time. With the integrated temperature sensors the system not only monitors the exact testing conditions directly on the device under test (DUT), it also ensures that temperature effects on the sensor level are corrected and do not obsure lifetime data. Furthermore, by using a set of several sensors for each measurement channel the system is capable of measuring absolute luminance in a wide dynamic range, as well as detecting the onset of luminance and measuring at low light levels with high accuracy. Independent testing of several OLEDs on one DUT, an integrated LIV mode for detailed electrooptical characterization, its flexibility regarding adaptation to different device layouts and testing requirements as well as additional options like an integrated heating for accelerated lifetime tests and connection to a spectrometer for recording emission spectra make the OLT an indispensable tool for comprehensive OLED lifetime testing.

The photocurrent test system PCT is an analysis tool for applications of organic semicon¬ductors. The PCT is ideally suited for defect analysis and investigations of local variations of device parameters. It allows for spatially resolved characterization of organic semicon¬ductors, especially organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic solar cells (OPVs). In addition to visualizing defects the PCT also provides information for the root cause analysis of these defects.

Yong-Lae Ji, President of Jung Won Corporation, said “JWC is known as a provider of advanced production and measurement solutions in the FPD industry. With Botest Systems test equipment we are able to supply the OLED industry with benchmark systems for OLED lifetime testing and for defect analysis”

Dr. Thomas Däubler, Head of Measurement Division of Botest Systems, states: "Only one year after market launch, the OLT is now well established in research and development. This proves that the advanced testing capabilities have valueable benefits for OLED lifetime testing. The cooperation with JWC will help us start promoting these benefits also in OLED mass production."

At EL 2006 (September 18 – 22, Jeju, Korea) Jung Won Corporation and Botest Systems have launced their cooperation. It has been the first event in Asia with a joint exhibition of Botests organic semiconductor test equipment.

Jung Won Corporation was founded in 1998. It is now a well established supplier for evaporation equipment in the FPD industry and for LCD measurement equipment. Amongst others JWC is the Korean representative for Addon (France) and Axometrics (USA) equipment.

Botest Systems GmbH is a technology company founded in 2001. The company is active in development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative testing and inspection equipment for various high-tech industries: Special focus is on measurement solutions for organic semiconductors. Botest Systems closely collaborates with universities and industrial research facilities for constant product improvement and development of new testing methods.