Wertheim, Germany
July 10, 2009

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Botest test systems

For the well established OLT OLED Lifetime Test System a significantly enhanced software package with modules for tests in mass production, for test time extrapolation, and absolute luminance measurements was launched at LOPE-C.

One unique feature of the OLT is RGB color sensors used for monitoring not only luminance changes, but also color stability and color changes.

With this technology the simple t50 - definition of OLED lifetime is expanded to a customer defined lifetime and makes the OLT an indispensible tool especially for testing OLED lighting.

The new software package that was launched at LOPE-C includes wizards for running the system in an operator mode with fixed test recipes. Another software tool allows online calibration of the optical measurements. Using this Conversion Factor Module absolute luminance values can be measured. This allows running tests at specified initial luminance levels.

The OLT Fit Module is developed for data analysis. Data can be fitted with several functions during lifetime testing to extrapolate remaining testing time and deduce OLED lifetime.

New software modules for OPV lifetime testing are in development. These will allow running organic solar cells under certain bias conditions and recording IV characteristics for monitoring changes in OPV performance parameters over time.