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The OLT is a system for OLED and OPV lifetime testing. It features extended testing capabilities and a flexible system concept to provide a comprehensive tool for advanced measurements of organic electronics lifetime parameters. The OLT measures the most important device characteristics simultaneously. It monitors the standard parameters [...]
The PCT is a test system for spatially resolved characterization of organic semiconductors, especially organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic solar cells (OPVs), and organic sensors. It can also be used for measurements on any device with photoelectric response, e.g. inorganic solar cells. Due to its high spatial resolution (< 40 µm) the PCT [...]
The LIV is a system for functionality testing of organic electronics. It establishes a complete solution for functionality testing, detailed characterization and special lifetime testing of OLEDs, OPVs, organic sensors, and other organic semiconductor devices. The system features a broad voltage range and high current measurement accuracy. It is PC controlled and is operated with dedicated software [...]
The LED Illumination Unit was developed for all tests requiring a stable light source, but not necessarily a solar spectrum. The LED Unit comprises a dedicated LED control unit and a specially designed cover with high brightness LED boards. LED boards with white or with RGBW LEDs are available [...]
The SMU was developed for tests requiring stable current and voltage control. The unit covers a wide current range from 50nA to 1A and a voltage range from -20V to +40V. The system is PC controlled and can either be operated with dedicated software or integrated into customer specific test setups running their own test software.